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Them That Follow (Indie Film Series)
Rating: 14A
Starring: Alice Englert,Walton Goggins,Thomas Mann,Olivia Colman,Kaitlyn Dever,Jim Gaffigan
Director: Britt Poulton,Daniel Savage
Movie Studio: Amasia Entertainment
Genre: Thriller
Run Time: 98 Minutes
Release Date: 8/2/2019
Synopsis: Indie Film Series @ Capitol 6 #23: Snake handlers are spiritual renegades belonging to an obscure, but growing, sect of American Pentecostalism: part of a century-old tradition of worshipping with venomous snakes during church services. Seeing themselves as the vanguards of salvation in a morally bankrupt world, these fundamentalists put their lives on the line — each and every week — to prove themselves before God. "Them That Follow" is a dramatic thriller that explores this dangerous and...MORE

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